If you have ever tried to make use ofVLOOKUPfunction with more than one criteria columns, you would have understood that it isn’t the right way of doing it. There is another function that can help you with this.
VLOOKUPmultiple criteria will help you look up the numbers based on a specified combination of whatever you want.
We need to look up for displacement and model at the same time. Here, Match is the function that will provide the location of item in array. Syntax of match is as follows.
=MATCH ( lookup value, lookup array, [match type])
In the above mentioned formula, the lookup value is the attribute or value what you are actually looking for. It is what you are searching for.
The second value, i.e. lookup array is a complete array of values from where you are searching the lookup value.
Match type is an optional attribute which determines whether or not MATCH should be found exactly as describes in look up value. If this is what you want, give it 0. Closet match can be found with 1 before it or -1 after it.
Next comes the INDEX function. It is the function that takes the location and returns value that is in the cell. Below mentioned is the syntax of INDEX function.
=INDEX(array, row num, [col num])
Here array is set or table of data which contains the value you need.
Row number is the number of row of your desired cell
Col number is the number of column of your desired cell.
Now, by combining both the MATCH and INDEX functions, you can produce exactly the same results as VLOOKUP produces. Here is how the MATCH/INDEX pair looks like.
Here B2:G1576 is the array that is used by index to search the value
A4 is the cell that MATCH will find.
C5:C2145 is lookup array
0 means that the match should exactly be the same and there should be no approximate results. Results should be completely identical.
Column 8 us the column that C5:C2145 that hold values.
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